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At Mountain Window Specialties, we provide window and specialty door products to exclusive, high-end builders at a competitive price, with a strong commitment to customer service. At Mountain Window Specialties, our eye is always on the customer which is why you'll find us involved in all stages of every project. Our goal is a seamless interface between design and reality, bringing your vision to life, which means regularly working with architects and designers to "make it right", not just to "make it fit". Our staff goes beyond merely providing builders with product line specs; we help them assemble a comprehensive bid, within budget, without sacrificing quality or style.

We can provide options and details for a wide variety of window styles and materials, standard doors, specialty, folding and custom-crafted doors, skylights and window/door hardware. We also are proud to offer many products that promote green building initiatives and exceed minimum energy efficiency criteria for a variety of climates.

Once a project is underway, Mountain Window meets with every homeowner to review the order, highlight the features of the selected products, and match hardware and color selections with the complete home design. Our staff will deliver the products to the job site, install as required, and perform thorough pre and post-installation inspections.

Before putting our stamp of approval on any project though, we perform a final inspection and service on all installations, from door jambs to swing paths; if something is not as the client desires, it's not complete. Final adjustments are where we really shine, adding hardware, screens, and a little buff and shine where needed. As the top distributor and installer of quality products in the Colorado region, we ensure our customer's satisfaction by being attentive to all phases of the project.

From chateau to bungalow, our customers deserve and receive only the best in distinctive products and service.


Did you know that we also sell and install replacement windows – in addition to our services as distributors and installers for new construction? As with all of our products and services, you will receive top notch products at competitive prices, backed with a great warranty and terrific customer service.

Replacing windows in an existing structure requires specific skills and expertise. The replacement starts with taking precise measurements. We take the time to ensure that we configure the perfect size window to fit in any opening. Our installers are sticklers for accuracy and aesthetics, and we do not consider a job complete until the project is perfect. Keeping our customers safe and their homes clean is also of great importance to us. We are EPA certified in removing products painted with lead based paint (pre-1978), and with all installations we use protective barriers and plastic to cover and protect your home.

We also believe in doing our part to conserve and protect the environment. After a replacement installation, your old windows will either be recycled (if applicable), or, if the window is still in useable condition, we donate all useable products to Bud's Warehouse and Habitat for Humanity. The items that are not recyclable or fit for donation are stripped down, and every useable part is either recycled or used for another application.



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